English Conversation “Making a Solution”

Sharly : Hi.. you look so sad. What happen with you?

Fiona : Hi.. I’m fine. You really look so sad to me?

Sharly : Yes, you look like having so many problems. Maybe you can share about your problem.

Fiona : Actually, I want to share all my problem with you. But I’m afraid….

Sharly : Why do you afraid with me? I’m not eat you. Really!

Fiona : (He..He..) I know that. But I’m afraid if you would share to other people.

Sharly : Oh my God.. Positive thinking please. Promise it!

Fiona : Are you really?

Sharly : Really…

Fiona : Ok, as you know, now I’m in the third grade. And it’s time to decide the best future. But I have a different option with my parent.

Sharly : By the way, what you parent’s option about it?

Fiona : My parent’s want of me to become a dentist but I don’t like it.

Sharly : So what do you want?

Fiona : I want to join in “Art and Design”. But my parents disagree with my choice.

Sharly : So, why you didn’t following your wish?

Fiona : Because if I follow my wish it means I’m so selfish. And I think if my parents disagree with my choice it make uncomfortable that I done.

Sharly : Maybe if you want to become your wish and your parent to become agree with your choice. I suggest you to show your achievement in “art and design”.

Fiona : Wow, it’s a good idea. Ok I’ll try thank you.

Sharly : Your welcome. But if you have a problem please share with me or your friend. Because it can help you to get the best solution. And it easier to solve your problem.


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