English Conversation “Making a Telephone”


Donald        : Hello, this is Donald speaking.

Shanty          : Hello Donald this is Shanty your class math

Donald        : Hey Shanty, what’s wrong?

Shanty         : I just want to ask you about something important.

Can you come to my party this Saturday evening?

Donald         : Wow it’s greet.. where will it be?

Shanty        : It will be held in Pluit, my house.

Donald        : Can I invite someone?

Shanty         : Who will be you invite?

Donald         : she is my girl friend Popuri.

Shanty         : Ok.. If you want, You can invite your girl friend.

Donald        : What time it will be?

Shanty        : At the eight o’clock.

Donald        : Btw, any dress code in you party?

Shanty        : Yes, the dress code is all pink.

Donald        : I will come. But I can’t promise you.

Shanty         : Don’t worry, but I hope you will come to my party.

If you can come to my party, I will feel very happy.

Donald         : Ok Shanty, I must finish my work now.

Shanty         : Ok.. Thank’s a lot please come. Your presence is a special   gift.

Donald         : I will come to your home.

Shanty         : Thank you Donald, you’r very nice.

Donald         : Bye..




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