English Conversation “Buying a T-shirt”

Shop Assistant        : Welcome to this shop. Can I help you ?

Customer                  : I want to looking for the t-shirt please.

Shop Assistant          : Please came in, we have many kind of t-shirt.

What do you want ?

Customer                  : I want to Polo T-shirt like celebrity. I saw on TV celebrity   wearing it.

Shop Assistant          : I’m sorry. I don’t have this product. But I have other T-shirt like Polo T-shirt.

Customer                  : Can I see ?

Shop Assistant          : Yes of course

Customer                  : What about the quality of this T-shirt ?

Shop Assistant          : This T-shirt have a good quality better than Polo T-shirt.

Customer                  : Do you have other color ?

Shop Assistant          : Yes.. any blue color, brown, black, grey, green, white,   pink, and many more.

Customer                  : lets me see pink t-shirt please…

Shop Assistant          : it’s a good choice… It match with your skin.

Customer                  : Really….?  How much should I pay ?

Shop Assistant          : Just Rp.85.000,- you can get it.

Customer                   : Okay I take it

Shop Assistant          : Please wait a minutes

Customer                    : Here is the money.

Shop Assistant           : Thank you very much and please call again.


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