English Conversation “Be a Library Member”

Librarian            : Good morning sir. Can I help you?

Customer           : Good morning. I’d like to know more about the facilities of this library.

Librarian            : Yes of course. What would you like to know?

Customer            : Well, first I want to know about how much I have to pay to be a maember?

Librarian             : If you want to be a member, you should pay Rp.200.000,- per year.

Customer            : What this library have encyclopedias?

Librarian             : Yes, we have fuel encyclopedias. And than we have all kind of books and magazines.

Customer            : How many book can I borrow for a day?

Librarian            : You can borrow three books for a day.

Customer           : How long is it?

Librarian           : For two weeks.

Customer          : How if I’m late to restore a books?

Librarian           : If you’re late, you must to pay Rp.5000,- a day. The books can be extended for  another two weeks.

Customer          : Have this library any cassets and duds?

Librarian           : Yes, we have all genre of cassets like pop, dangdut, Korean, jazz, RnB, and many more.

Customer          : Can I borrow it?

Librarian          : Yes of course like you can borrow a book, but you just can borrow two cassets.

Customer         : whether this library provide internet launch?

Librarian         : Yes, we provide internet launch with comfort place.

Customer         : How long I can use it?

Librarian          : You can use internet for 16 hours a year.

Customer          : ok.. I want to join and be a member this library.

Librarian           : Please fill this form and pay the registration….

Now you are a member this library. And you can get a member card. Thank you


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